New friend!

My partner and I just did Valentines day gifts… Yes, I know it’s a bit late but we don’t really do valentines day.

Meet his gift from me- the fabulous Tilda Swinton!

She’s a dwarf hamster and he loves her.
If you were curious he got me a diva cup. Which beats chocolate by a lot in my book.


The cucumbers are coming!

Despite flowering for months itty bitty cucumbers are finally arriving!

Pickles! Taziki sauce! Sandwiches! The possibilities are so exciting!


And I have a very special friend to thank… BEES!
My partner saw them buzzing around the blooms yesterday. I honestly thought my buds were doomed to just hang on the vine looking pretty but unproductive.


I’ll have to stock up on the apple cider vinegar’

You jam, I jam, they jam

Well! Behold! The glory of apricot jam!

I used the apricot jam recipe from Saving the Season (bless the la library system!) and I couldn’t be happier!

Okay, I totally geeked out looking at all my beautiful peachy preserves. It was really a test run for when the figs come too.

Now that I have the basic idea I’ll be able to do this more often.

And no, there is no Andre in the jam, but it did make quartering 3.5 pounds of fruit more fun!

My intention list.

This is half things I’ve started and half things I’ve wanted to start.

1. My quilt!

Oh it’s beautiful. I started it out of a scrap pile to learn to use a sewing machine someone gifted me. Unfortunately the sewing machine broke and I haven’t really restarted again with it. Right now, it’s a folded mass of colors in the corner of my room in a trunk begging to have attention.

2. The yarn quilt.

This is a far more intensive project. I’m learning to crochet, it’s going very slowly, and I’ve lost almost all my yarn in the move. Until it builds back up it will probably be a slow process.

3. Soap. All the soap.

Soap making is something I’m really trying to expand my knowledge of. So far I’ve stuck to Castile bars and a shampoo bar. The future is in milks and butters and re-batching. I love playing alchemy with oils and lye.

4. Canning.

I might even get started on this tomorrow! It’s either canning or the art museum. Kinda a toss up. But I got Saving the Season from the local library and am geeking to try out some of these bad boys.

Hope this keeps me honest and busy!


Work experiment

I’ve started logging the number of times people interrupt each other at work. I had a suspicions women were being disproportionate interrupted but I wanted to be sure. This was recorded over the course of a one hour meeting. 4 women and 2 men.

Women interrupt woman: 3

Women interrupt men: 1

Men interrupt men: 2

Men interrupt women: 13

I’m going to continue this experiment throughout the week and then report my findings to my office mates.

I think everyone in my office are really nice people who I enjoy spending time with, but there are behaviors that need to be addressed.